Saturday, July 27, 2013

  • Potential DHS Nominee Ray Kelly's Dalliance with the Islamophobic Fringes (Daily Beast)
    The top NYPD official's last decade of policing New York's streets had coincided with the use of profiling on two fronts: the so-called stop-and-frisk program, which in overwhelming disproportion targeted young black and Latino men for questioning on the streets, and the many purported transgressions of the police department's Intelligence squad, which targeted Muslims, sometimes on basis solely of their religion, for scrutiny.
  • CAIR‬-MI: Detroit Rallies for Trayvon Martin (MSNBC)
  • Right-Wing Threats in US Far Outweigh Muslim Extremism (Arab News)
    Why have Muslims not condemned terrorism?" This question is a seemingly permanent fixture in the question-and-answer sessions I address after public forums. After responding to this query for more than a decade, I am torn between bewilderment and grief.
    • Where Is Islamophobia Heading in the U.S.? (Huffington Post)
      I am not sure if we can really relate the Wisconsin attack to Islamophobia, but I am quite sure that Islamophobia is a serious, rising problem in the U.S. and something has to be done soon to prevent more violence in the future. 
  • CAIR-CT: Ramadan Program at Conn College About Faith, Fast, Fellowship (The Day)
    "It's hard, but we're used to it," said Anyssa Dhaouadi, a freshman at American International College, president of the Islamic Center youth group, CAIR-CT youth director and one of the organizers of the event. "You're supposed to keep your mind busy with good things. The last five minutes before breaking the fast are the hardest, because you're smelling all the good food."
    • CAIR: New Haven Mosque Invites Neighbors to Break Ramadan Fast (NH Register)
      [CAIR Board Member] Jimmy Jones, one of the founders of Masjid Al-Islam, said the celebration is an opportunity for families to extend a neighborly hand in the community. "Something people don't understand about Islam is neighbors' rights," Jones said. "A Muslim should not go to bed when his neighbor is hungry. It doesn't matter what religious perspective that neighbor is from. Our neighbors here know that we help stabilize our community."

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