Friday, August 3, 2012

  • Hadith of the DayGod Accepts Supplications of Those Who Fast
  • CAIR Op-EdThe System Worked for Tennessee Muslims
    It wasn't pretty, but the system worked. Muslims in Murfreesboro will be able to worship in their community, just as the First Amendment of our Constitution envisioned centuries ago.
  • CAIRIslamophobia and the Republican Party (Al Jazeera)
    They are given a prominent platform at national conferences, where they brand people like this writer and groups devoted to the defense of Muslims in America--organizations such as [CAIR], and the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee--as dupes or apologists for radical Islamists.
    • VideoCAIR Rep Discusses GOP's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric (RT)
      CAIR's Corey Saylor joins Thom Hartmann. How much damage is the Republican love affair with dog-whistle politics doing to American society? 
    • CAIR-WABachmann's Anti-Muslim Fear-Mongering (Seattle Times)
      A first step toward the goal of honest, civil discourse is to expose and marginalize the influence of the individuals and groups whose Islamophobia is dividing Americans against one another through misinformation.
    • House Intelligence Committee Members Condemn Bachmann
    • NY Republican Panders to Anti-Mosque Extremists (Brooklyn Daily)
      State Sen. David Storobin has joined the hopeless fight against a mosque in Sheepshead Bay--a battle that's been repeatedly quashed in the courts and has left political insiders believing that the newly minted legislator is more concerned with winning votes than helping mosque opponents.
    • TNAnti-Islam Words Torn from Hate Playbook (Tennessean)
      Thanks to politicians like Zelenik and the Williamson County GOP, Tennessee has become a battleground for the anti-Muslim movement and those who argue that American Muslims are disloyal, subversive and simply "different."
  • CAIRMuslim Rights Group Battles Anti-Islam Military Lecturer
    Kahlili's July 22 article for The Daily Caller about [American] mosques, universities and tech companies as havens for terrorism--was what prompted the council to contact the Department of Defense, according to a [CAIR] spokesman. 
  • CAIRDeported Priest Shares Thoughts on Syria at Va. Church
    "Syria, A Christian Perspective," was co-hosted by Rock Spring Church, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Syrian American Council and the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church.
  • Confused 911 Caller Outs NYPD Muslim Spying in NJ (AP)
    The NYPD kept files on innocent sermons, recorded the names of political organizers in police documents and built databases of where Muslims lived and shopped, even where they were likely to gather to watch sports.

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