Tuesday, August 7, 2012

  • Fight Against Islam Stretches Beyond Tenn. Mosque (Tennessean)
    Mosque opponents say they are fighting for the soul of America. Now that the mosque is set to open this month, they are changing their tactics and broadening the scope of their complaints against Islam. Their latest tactic is to protest requests for accommodations for Muslim students to pray in local schools.Dozens of critics of Islam showed up at a recent Rutherford County school board meeting to voice their disapproval. And they plan to oppose any attempts by local Muslims to influence life in Rutherford County.
    • Crosses Placed Near Tenn. Mosque Send a Message
      "It was more or less to make a statement to the Muslims about how we felt about our religion, our Christianity," said Mack Richards, a Middle Tennessee Baptist Church member who built the crosses at the request of Grace Baptist member and friend Bobby Francis. "We wanted them to see the crosses and know how we felt about things."
    • Muslims Battle 'Un-American' Bias (Wis. State Journal)
  • Muslim Arrests Remembered, Protested at Albany Mosque
    After the highly publicized FBI sting operation , Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain were sentenced to fifteen years in federal prison. To this day, many people believe the government targeted them because they are Muslim, entrapped them, and took their lives away.
  • Ramadan Sees Rise in Demand for Halal Meat (Post-Gazette)
    During Ramadan, demand for halal meat -- which is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law -- is up at local grocers and producers, as members of Pittsburgh's Muslim communities look to prepare meals for the nightly break-fast meals.
  • CAIR: U.S. Muslim Solidarity for Syria
    Dozens of mosques and Islamic centers across the United States will join hands in a solidarity protest with the Syrian people next week to raise awareness about the ongoing humanitarian disaster created by the dictatorial regime of President Bashar Al-Assad.

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