Wednesday, February 6, 2013

  • CAIR-MN Seeks Diversity Training for Police Officer Who Mocked Hijab
    CAIR-MN today requested diversity training for a St. Paul police officer who reportedly appears dressed in the attire of a Muslim woman (hijab) in aphotograph posted on the Internet.
  • CAIR-CAN: Interfaith Community to Speak Out Against Islamophobic Speech at Public Institutions 
    The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), a national Muslim civil liberties organization, will be joined by members of Ottawa's various faith communities to speak out against the legitimization of Islamophobia at public institutions. [News Conference Tonight at 6 p.m., Ottawa Public Library, Main Branch] Canadians across the country have written to voice their concerns about a scheduled appearance tonight by a foreign anti-Muslim campaigner, Gavin Boby, who has been invited to speak at the Ottawa Public Library's Main Branch by an organization called ACT! For Canada. Boby is a UK-based activist lawyer who works to prevent mosques from being built in communities. 
  • Sen. John McCain: Iran's President is a Monkey
CAIR-St. Louis to Join Coalition Opposing Hiring of Gitmo Psychologist
(ST. LOUIS, MO, 2/4/13) -- On Wednesday February 6, the St. Louis chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-St. Louis) will join a coalition of civil rights and academic groups at a press conference in Columbia, Mo., to speak out against the possible hiring of retired military psychologist Dr. Larry C. James as the division executive director at the Missouri University College of Education.
James worked at the Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) and Abu Ghraib (Iraq) prisons and commanded the Behavioral Science Consultation Team (BSCT), a group of mental health professionals whose job it was to advise on and participate in interrogations.
WHAT: Coalition to Hold News Conference in Opposition to Possible Hiring of Dr. James
WHEN: February 6, 10:30 a.m. (Central)
WHERE: University of Missouri Columbia Student Center, Room 2206A
CONTACT: CAIR-St. Louis Executive Director Faizan Syed, 636-207-8882, 314-330-2946,
A complaint filed against James by a representative of the Harvard International Human Rights Clinic states in part:
"During Dr. James's tenure as the senior intelligence psychologist in Guantánamo, boys and men were threatened with rape and death for themselves and their family members; sexually, culturally, and religiously humiliated; forced naked; deprived of sleep; subjected to sensory deprivation, over-stimulation, and extreme isolation; short-shackled into stress positions for hours; and physically assaulted. The evidence indicates that abuse of this kind was systemic, that BSCT health professionals played an integral role in its planning and practice, and that Dr. James, as the Chief Psychologist of the intelligence command, at minimum knew or should have known it was being inflicted."
Opposition to the possible hiring of Dr. James has been growing over the last several days, with protests and written opposition by civil rights groups, faculty, students, and concerned citizens.
Petitions signed by University of Missouri-Columbia students and concerned citizens will be presented to university officials.

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