Saturday, February 16, 2013

  • CAIR-FL: Florida Bar Opposes Anti-Islam Legislation
    As far as unconstitutionality, the bills offend the separation of powers (found in the Florida Constitution) in that our legislature would be dictating to the trial court how and when to apply foreign laws; it offends the contracts clause (U.S. Constitution) in that they greatly restrict divorcing parties from applying foreign laws in their antenuptial agreements; it offends the Federal Government's exclusive right to set foreign policy in that Florida trial court judges under these bills will have to pass judgment as to whether foreign laws are "the same" as ours, and therefore enforceable in our Courts; and lastly the bills may offend the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in that certain religious, family law-related agreements will not be enforceable unless a Florida trial court judge concludes the governing religious law is the "same" as our own.
  • CAIR: Is the FBI's Muslim Outreach Program a Trojan Horse? (ACLU)
    According to a new complaint filed by CAIR, days later an FBI agent arrived unannounced at the doorstep of its Minneapolis chapter director, Lori Saroya. When later contacted by a CAIR representative, the agent claimed that the purpose of the visit was community outreach. Suspicious—based on the ACLU's reporting on the FBI's misuse of community outreach and the absence of reports that other homes in the community were visited—a CAIR attorney called the agent back.
    • Video: CAIR-MN Rep Interviewed About Activism, Social Change
      For Nausheena Hussain working with the Council on American Islamic Relation Minnesota (CAIR MN) evoked an unparalleled sense of purpose within her. Successful activism resonates on a personal level and, as Hussain describes it, leaves one "praying that their social change is successful." This is precisely what CAIR MN offered her.
  • CAIR: Islamophobe Pamela Geller Won't Leave D.C. Alone (Huff Post)
    "It's a free country, and she's free to be a bigot and a hate-monger if she wants to be," said [CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper]. "We would hope intelligent people would recognize it for the hate-mongering it is and make appropriate conclusions about the motivations of the sponsors."
  • CAIR-OK: Oklahoma City Islamic Society Hires New Youth Director
    "This is the final brick in building the community," said Adam Soltani, executive director of [CAIR-OK], noting that the Islamic Society now has an expanded mosque and a school complex. "The youth are the future and I think that's for any community — they want to hand the community over to young people at some point."
    • CAIR-San Antonio: The Prophet Mohammed from Western Eyes
      The Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, led a hard life even after gaining power and authority. "We the community of the Prophets are not inherited," he said at his death. "Whatever we leave is for charity."
  • DC: Elderly Muslim Hit by Car Remembered as Active in Community (Wash Post)
    On her 94th birthday, she fasted. Aidah Sabir-Jenkins, a Muslim who lived in Northwest Washington, would not let her age, or her failed hearing, or even her inability to speak, keep her from practicing the basic tenets of her faith.

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