Monday, June 9, 2014

  • Hadith of the Day: Put Love in the Hearts of People
    When the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) entered a new town, he would say: "O God. . .put our love in the hearts of its people and put the love of its righteous people in our hearts." Fiqh-us-Sunnah
  • Islam is Largest Non-Christian Faith in 20 States
  • Video: CAIR Turns 20
  • CAIR-OK Sponsors Red Cross Blood Drive at Islamic Society of Greater OKC
  • Video: CAIR Seeks Tougher Charges for Bias Attack on VA. Muslim Commuter
    Fairfax County police charged Sullivan with misdemeanor assault and battery, as a hate crime. However, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says it should be considered a more serious crime. The director of CAIR said he hopes prosecutors look to increase the charges to help deter others who may consider similar bias-motivated assaults in the future.
    • Hate Attack on NY Muslim Taxi Driver (NY Daily News)
      A hate-filled taxi passenger smashed a Pakistani cabbie in the face with a skateboard after asking the driver his nationality, the driver said Tuesday.
  • CAIR: Anti-Islam Talk from Conservatives (Daily Beast)
    The Director of the CAIR Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia Corey Saylor wrote a letter to the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) calling into question their continued support of events where speakers attack Islam and Muslim women: "CAIR researchers have found a troubling trend of anti-Muslim sentiment in materials on your organization's website and in activities of NFRW clubs."
  • CAIR-Texas: Keller School Board to Address Anti-Muslim Comments
    School board members will meet Monday to explore options for the possible removal of Trustee Jo Lynn Haussmann, who recently made offensive comments on her Facebook page. The Keller district posted the meeting announcement Tuesday, the same day the North Texas Chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations held a news conference in Dallas calling for Haussmann to resign because of her "disparaging and Islamophobic" comments.
  • Muslim San Diego Residents Call for Halal School Lunches
    • MN: Examining Muslim Culture in the Media
      As a McNair Scholar, she spent three months intensively researching the portrayal of Muslims in local media outlets. Her finding: Islam and Muslim, along with Somali, are commonly connected to crime in article searches, especially terroristic crimes.
  • American Jailed in Egypt Appeals to Obama for Help (NY Times)
    In an emotional video message recently smuggled out of a Cairo prison, Mohamed Soltan, an Egyptian-American who was arrested last year by Egypt's military-backed government, appealed to President Obama for help.
  • CAIR: Turmoil on 'Tyrant' - The Dramatic Backstory of FX's Middle East Epic
    Although it's set in a fictional Middle Eastern country, Abbudin, all those involved recognize how critical it is to accurately portray the realities of the region. Sensitivities are such that ABC Family recently decided to scrap production on Alice in Arabia, another Middle East-themed drama, after outcry from the Council on American-Islamic Relations over "potential stereotyping" on the show. And on May 30, the same advocacy group put out a press release in which it requested a meeting with FX executives to "discuss community concerns about potential Islamophobic stereotyping" on Tyrant. 

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