Monday, March 17, 2014

  • Video: CAIR-MN Rep Interviewed on St. Paul Police Dept. Hijab Policy (TPT)
    Kandra Mohamed is a new community officer for the St. Paul Police Department. She made history this week by becoming the first to wear the departments approved hijab headscarf. Lori Saroya with CAIR-MN explained to us the role of the hijab in Muslim culture.
  • CAIR: Dead Men Tell No Tales (This American Life)
    Last May, a weird story made the news: the FBI killed a guy in Florida who was loosely linked to the Boston Marathon bombings. He was shot seven times in his living room by a federal agent. What really happened? Why was the FBI even in that room with him? A reporter spent six months looking into it, and she found that the FBI was doing a bunch of things that never made the news. 
  • Islamophobia Watch: Fox News Hosts Call Quran a 'Bad Book,' Islam 'Most Intolerant Religion' 
    Co-host Bob Beckel said. "I think Sharia law is a waste of time anyway, it's a goof, and it was handed down in a bad book.
  • A Frat of Their Own: Muslims Create a New Space on Campus (NPR)
  • MO: Islamic Cab Driver in Court Over Clothing
  • Watch CAIR's Latest Video News Update
    Topics Include: CAIR Urges Cancellation of Anti-Muslim Event in Fla. | CAIR Convinces Va. Agency to Drop Accreditation for Anti-Muslim Trainer | CAIR-WA Calls for Hate Crime Probe of hate Vandalism | CAIR Asks FBI to Probe Hate Incidents Targeting Colo. Muslims | CAIR-MI Decries Use of 'A-Word' | CAIR Rep on Chinese TV to Discuss Discrimination Against Muslims | CAIR Rep on Russian TV to Talk About Muslims in the Military | CAIR-FL Rep Interviewed on Growing Number of Hispanic Muslims | CAIR Director Speaks at Capitol Hill News Conference on Persecution of Muslims in Burma

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