Wednesday, March 5, 2014

  • CAIR-PA: A Jewish Voice for Philadelphia's Muslims (The Jewish Week)
    Four months after Jacob Bender, a Jewish filmmaker from Manhattan, was appointed to a symbolically landmark position with an American Muslim organization, he says he is serving as an example of interfaith tolerance.
  • CAIR-MI: Campaign Aims at Ending Arabic Slur Against Blacks (Free Press)
    In recent months, the director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Dawud Walid, who is African American, has highlighted the use of the slur on Twitter by Arabs against black people.
  • Nat Hentoff: Federal Judge Removes US Muslims from Constitution
    For the future of our republic, this decision, which trashes our Constitution, should be discussed and debated in our schools as its appeal moves through the federal courts — ultimately, I assume, to the Supreme Court.
  • U.S. Hate Groups in Decline as Radical Ideas Go Mainstream (Reuters)
    The number of radical-right hate and militia-type "patriot" groups in the United States, which peaked in 2012 after four years of explosive growth, fell significantly last year due in part to the mainstreaming of right-wing ideas, a civil rights group said Tuesday.
  • NJ: Bridgewater Mosque President Asks For Equal Treatment
    Yassir Abdelkader, president of the Al Falah Center, has a simple message: "We want to be treated like any other church or synagogue."

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