Monday, December 2, 2013

  • CAIR: Employers Use Facebook to Discriminate Against Muslim Job Seekers (Wall Street Journal)
    Candidates whose public Facebook profiles indicated they were Muslim were less likely to be called for interviews than Christian applicants. The difference was particularly pronounced in parts of the country where more people identify themselves as conservative. In those places, Christian applicants got callbacks 17% of the time, compared with about 2% for Muslims. ... Ibrahim Hooper, the national communications director at CAIR, said the findings didn't surprise him. "You never know what an employer is finding on Google or Facebook or any other site on the Internet that they can use to eliminate you from consideration," he said.

  • CAIR-FL: Woman Raised in Islam Named First Female Mayor (Sun-Sentinel)
    Nezar Hamze, executive director of CAIR in South Florida and a spokesman for Broward's 43,000 Muslims, called her appointment as mayor "absolutely fantastic.''
    "I think it's just testimony to what Broward County is right now,'' Hamze said. "We're a majority minority community. And just looking at the elections in the last couple years, we have a Jewish sheriff and now we have a Muslim mayor. So Broward County is really starting to reflect its diversity at the top.''
  • Photos from the CAIR-LA Banquet
  • CAIR: 12 Muslim Artists Take Center Stage in Oklahoma City

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