Saturday, March 3, 2012

Video: CAIR Weekly News Update, March 2, 2012Topics Include: Major Study Shows U.S. Mosques Promote Civic Participation / CAIR Addresses Claims that White House Funded NYPD Muslim Spying / NY Post Publishes Racist Political Cartoon Stereotyping MuslimsCAIR Elects Omar Zaki as National Board ChairCAIR: 'Demographic Concern' Prompted S. Dakota Anti-Sharia BillThis bill was motivated by a "growing demographic concern in Sioux Falls," Seward said, referring to the influx of immigrants from majority Muslim countries.CAIR: Florida, Like 23 Other States, Considering Ban on Sharia"It's a waste of time and irrelevant legislation," said Nezar Hamze, head of the Miami chapter of [CAIR]. "But the motive behind it is very troubling."CAIR Releases 'Tool Kit' to Fight 'Anti-Sharia' LawsFla. House Passes 'Anti-Sharia' Bill; CAIR Vows Court ChallengeCAIR: South Carolina Legislation Targets Islam“There’s no mistaking the intent of these bills. It’s to provide a mechanism for channeling and cultivating anti-Muslim sentiment,” said Gadier Abbas, attorney for [CAIR].CAIR: Islamophobia Still Rising - With the Right's HelpVideo: Mosques in U.S. Grow Dramatically Over Past Decade (CAIR)CAIR-CT Joins ACLU Call for Probe of NYPD Over Muslim SpyingCAIR-CA: Supervisors to Consider How SFPD Works With FedsCAIR-MN Honors Hindia Ali with Courage Award

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