Monday, June 25, 2012

  • New Yorkers Slashed in Anti-Muslim Hate Attacks (NY Post)
    Alejandro Gonzalez, 19, claimed he was "fighting terrorism" when he attacked three Middle Eastern men in two stores, sources said.
  • CAIRPeter King 'Failed to Produce Promised Evidence' (USNews)
    CAIR spokesman Corey Saylor told Whispers that King had a "moment in the spotlight" with his hearing Wednesday, but "failed to produce the promised evidence to support his stigmatization of America's Muslims."
  • CAIRShock, Dismay Over Minnesota Mosque Refusal
    "This is the first one [in Minnesota] where we're seeing so much anti-Muslim hate involved," said Lori Saroya, president of [CAIR-MN].
    • CAIRTexas Man Indicted in Tenn. Mosque Threat (NYT)
      Since the ruling, local Muslim leaders and [CAIR] have been working with the Justice Department, which has filed a brief in support of the mosque in that case, and are watching the permitting process carefully.
  • CAIRApple 'Profiling' by Refusing Sale to Farsi Speakers
    The National Iranian American Council on Thursday joined [CAIR] in denouncing Apple Inc. and asserted that Apple Store employees who have refused to sell iPads and other products to customers speaking Farsi, the language of Iran, have been "clearly engaging in racial profiling."
  • Exposing David YerushalmiDirector of Anti-Sharia Movement (CAIR-Chicago)
    [T]he beliefs that legitimize excluding women from democracy are a close cousin of the beliefs that wish to see the voices of Muslims marginalized. 
    • American Enterprise Institute Embraces Islamophobia
      It announced that its resident scholar Michael Rubin would join blogger Robert Spencer, who is a vitriolic critic of Islam, and writer Claire Berlinski to lead a 10-day tour of Turkey.
  • Abdullah Brothers Put NFL on Hold to Pursue Faith
    The brothers -- both practicing Muslims -- will sit out the 2012 season to speak at mosques across the country this summer before making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

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