Tuesday, October 9, 2012

  • Hadith of the Day: Hajj Removes SinThe Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Make the Hajj and the Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage) follow each other closely, for they remove poverty and sins as a blacksmith's bellows remove impurities from iron, gold and silver." (Al-Tirmidhi) A man once told the Prophet: "My sister has taken a vow to perform Hajj on foot." The Prophet replied: "God receives no good from the affliction your sister has imposed on herself, so let her perform Hajj riding." (Sunan of Abu-Dawood)
  • CAIR: Md. Workshop 'Know Your Rights While Traveling for Hajj'
  • CAIR-NJ Asks Mosques to Apply for Grants to Improve Security
    CAIR-NJ is informing the Muslim community about a security and preparedness grant from the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) applicable to Mosques and Islamic Centers.
    • CAIR: Fueling Intolerance (Toledo Blade)
      Sadly, the Perrysburg fire was not an isolated incident nationwide. This month, fire destroyed a mosque near Joplin, Mo., that had been the site of two previous suspicious blazes. The Council on American-Islamic Relations reports that mosques have been burned in at least 12 states in the past two decades.
  • Video: Maine Mayor Clarifies Somali Comments
    In an interview with the reporter, MacDonald said: "You (immigrants) come here, you come and you accept our culture and you leave your culture at the door."

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