Friday, January 8, 2010

To mark one year since Operation Cast Lead, B'Tselem launched our Gaza camera distribution project. And the biggest media outlets in Israel and the United States have taken notice.
Immediately following Cast Lead, B'Tselem gathered 15 young volunteers, mostly students starting their studies in communication or journalism, gave them video cameras, and asked them to document everyday life around them. Each student chose his or her personal viewpoint.
The project is part of B'Tselem's ongoing advocacy to end Israel's siege on the Gaza Strip, to allow reconstruction of the strip and to promote accountability for violations of the laws of war during the operation.
The New York Times ran a story on the project on Wednesday. Read it by clicking here<>. These videos allow readers of the Times to see the human face of the effects of the siege. And the videos are getting out to a wide Israeli audience as well.
[]<>The project is housed by Israel's premier news portal, YNET which has dedicated a page to five of the videos, linked from the news front page. Click the icon on the left to get to the YNET project page.
These are crucial images for people to see, the human face of the siege of Gaza. Please help us by clicking here<> to spread the word about the Times article and the YNET feature

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