Friday, January 8, 2010

Public campaign: Lift siege on Gaza<>
On 27 Dec. '09, a year since Operation Cast Lead began, B'Tselem is launching a public campaign calling on the Israeli government to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, which is drastically harming 1.5 million residents. []

A year since Operation Cast Lead: Still no accountability<>
One year ago today, Operation Cast Lead began. 762 Palestinians who did not take part in the hostilities were killed, and vast damage was caused to houses, factories, and infrastructure in Gaza. Israel has not yet instituted an independent apparatus to investigate the violations committed by the army during the operation, and nobody has been brought to justice.

Israel chokes Gazan fishing sector<>
In the Oslo Accords, Israel promised to allow Gazans to fish 37 km from the coast, yet has gradually reduced the distance to a mere 5.5 km. The restriction severely harms tens of thousands of persons who live off fishing and affiliated industries. []

Testimony: Minor works in Gaza tunnels<>
'Imad a-Natur, 17, has worked for two years in Rafah tunnels used for smuggling goods from Egypt. A-Natur's father is ill, and he left school to support his parents and seven siblings. He lives with the constant fear of the frequent bombings of the tunnels by Israel and Egypt.

B'Tselem: Achievements and challenges<>
Marking the bittersweet milestone of twenty years since B'Tselem was established, Executive Director Jessica Montell reviews goals achieved and the challenges that lie ahead.

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