Monday, November 2, 2009

Israel must investigate army's conduct in Operation Cast LeadB'Tselem is persistently advocating for Israel to implement the principal recommendation of the Goldstone report and mount an independent investigation into suspicions that Israeli forces breached international humanitarian law in Operation Cast Lead.

Suspicion: soldiers killed driver who did not endanger their livesOn 22 Sept. '09, soldiers shot and killed Rabi' a-Tawil some time after he entered Israel through the Mevo Beitar checkpoint. B'Tselem has found that a-Tawil submitted identifying documents near the checkpoint and did not pose a threat to the soldiers' lives.

Video: 2009 olive harvestIn several events documented by B'Tselem during October, settlers are seen stealing Palestinians' crops and hampering their olive harvest.

Suspicion: undercover police assault youth in East JerusalemAccording to a testimony by Firas al-Atrash, on 9 Oct. '09, Israeli policemen assaulted him in East Jerusalem. The policemen, who were pretending to be stone throwers, beat him severely, breaking his arm and nose.

Father of three deported to GazaIn her testimony, Alaa Abu Sultan relates how her husband was deported from the West Bank to Gaza two years ago, even though he had been living in Tulkarm since 1996. He has not seen his family since.

Israeli Supreme Court orders opening of road to PalestiniansThe justices did not nullify the policy prohibiting Palestinians to travel on some roads in the West Bank intended only for Israelis.

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