Monday, November 16, 2009

B'Tselem offers public toursTo mark 20 years since its founding, B'Tselem is inviting the public to free tours of the West Bank from a human rights perspective.

Update on Cast Lead investigationsThe Military Police are investigating some 21 incidents from Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, but these do not address policy issues. B'Tselem reiterates its demand that Israel conduct an effective, independent investigation into the army's conduct in the operation.

Testimony: ISA exploits Gazan's illnessWhen 'Abd al-Karim al-'Atal, an 18-year-old Gazan, requested to enter Israel for medical treatment, he was arrested and interrogated by the ISA. His testimony indicates that the interrogators used unlawful methods and tried to force him to become a collaborator.

Ariel wastewater pollutes SalfitFor years, the town of Salfit has suffered from wastewater channeled its way from the Ariel settlement. A video co-produced with "HaYarkon 70 News" portrays the problem, which exists in other places in the West Bank.

New settlement planned near JerusalemPersons affiliated with settler organizations in East Jerusalem are planning to build a new settlement on lands of the al-Walajah village. The planned part of the Separation Barrier in this area will separate the villagers from most of their farmland and encircle the village.

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