Saturday, February 22, 2014

  • Hate Messages Sprayed on Illinois Mosque, ChurchMessage of hate was reportedly "F--- your faith."
  • Officials Approve East Idaho Mosque (AP)
  • New Digital Primer: Islam for Journalists 

    "Islam for Journalists: A Primer on Covering Muslim Communities in the U.S." presents thework of top academic experts on Islam in a form accessible to working journalists. It includes essays by reporters from The New York Times, the Tennessean and other news organizations who have covered local stories involving Muslims in the U.S.
    • On the Anti-Islam Movement: 
      "In many cases, running an anti-Islam group was a lucrative business. Most leaders earned six-figure salaries, and their nonprofits took in millions of dollars in donations."
    • On CAIR:
      "There are many groups that address anti-Muslim postures in the U.S. One of the most prominent is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which acts to protect Muslims' civil rights. It uses its position as a national organization to speak out against anti-Muslim discrimination and prejudice."

  • Video Profile of CAIR-SFBA Director: 'Justice is a Warm Cupcake'
    An advocate battles Islamophobia, one cupcake at a time.
  • American Courts Using Foreign Law That Incorporates Religious Law (Washington Post)
    American courts rightly do consider the law of foreign countries that apply sharia. In doing so, courts don't purport to decide what Islamic law actually requires, or risk taking sides in intradenominational debates (or other debates) within a religion (which would potentially endorse one or another religious view, or discriminate among religious observers). They simply try to identify what law would be applied by the courts of the foreign country, whether that country is Saudi Arabia, Israel or Greece.
  • Texas Students Receive Halal Food Options

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