Thursday, March 7, 2013

CAIR-LA's Ameena Qazi: Sister Lawyer (OC Weekly) Defending the rights of Muslims wasn't something Qazi initially set out to do ... But the self-admitted lover of the Bill of Rights became increasingly concerned about the legal problems Muslims in Southern California began to encounter in a post-9/11 world--unlawful monitoring, workplace discrimination, demagogic politicians, no-fly lists--so she joined CAIR. •Nonprofit Profile: Council on American-Islamic Relations-LA (OC Register) •CAIR-MI: Discussion of Drones 'Long Overdue' (Detroit News) "We've been long overdue for having a national conversation about the abuse of drones in extrajudicial killings," said Dawud Walid, executive director of [CAIR-MI]. "It was just a matter of time before the conversation would turn to: Are we not going to use the drones here ... the same as we do in Pakistan and Afghanistan?" •BREAKING: Hate Graffiti Discovered on Canadian Mosque •CAIR-Chicago: Ad Campaigns Fight Over Meaning of 'Jihad' (NY Times) •CAIR-MN: Muslim Education Event Comes Under Fire (KNSI) Lori Saroya, Executive Director of [CAIR-MN] in conversation with KNSI News, explains that the organizations failed by not including leaders of St. Cloud's Islamic community in the planning process. •Video: Muslims Kicked Out of Church for Questioning Islamophobe (CAIR-MN) •CAIR-TX Alert: Contact Your Reps. to Defend Religious Freedom Visit the local offices of your state representative and state senator and ask them to vote against the 2013 "anti-foreign law" legislation, also known as "anti-Sharia" legislation. •Anti-Islam Law Is Back at Florida Legislature •FL: Video Released in Sikh Hate Crime Shooting •Report: Radical-Right 'Patriot' Groups on Rise (Politico) •CAIR-MI: Wayne Law to Host Symposium on Race Relations March 22 •CAIR-WA: Feds Urged to Investigate Teacher for Anti-Muslim Remarks •CAIR-WA Files Public Records Request after Teacher Compares Muslims to Nazis CAIR-WA today submitted a public records request to Concrete School District for information regarding curriculum, approved texts and materials, internal correspondence, and past complaints against the district. •CAIR-MI: Family Begs Iran to Release Man Held for 555 Days (Free Press)

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